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Slender Game Free Download Mac

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Slender Game Free Download Mac

Note that you'll need an archiving tool like The Unarchiver or RAR to unpack this Slender game download. Slender will not perform very well on older Macs too, especially MacBooks from around 2008. If you have problems, try lowering the graphics quality to the lowest setting at the start of the game.

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

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Now that I have played the first version of the game I have changed my view about this game but only about it capability to scare and to be good horror this version I mean the latest version still sucks it terrible boring and not scary the first however is in too but at lest the main walks faster which amazing and it 10 times more scarier than this version where you just hear sounds and **** the first version actually true represent horror slendy slou and the feeling being watch and stalked a weird terrifying creature who wants to notice so badly even if it takes it to scare and chase around anyways I could experience yesterday the experience that meant to delivered by the game which the dark lighting of the new version the unbelievebaly slow main could let me focus on in addition to the bright light of the flash light that only brighter to hide the slender face and make him impossible to observe but yesterday I during my gameplay I finally to see scary slender 3D model can be without the too much light on his facehe looks horriic more than any monster I have seen and his ATTITUDE how stand and look at with such strong desire for you to notice him

okay i have this game many and it is not scary for a horror game it is awful the atmosphere is terrible the effect of build up really doesn't do anything since no scary happens besides slender becoming faster even he can literally just teleport and get you from any distant as longer as he knows where you are exactly the main character a snail would go faster than her also the game is unfair once slender appear near you more than once the game just displays thicker statics and stops from moving andshows you cut scene of an of egg on top of a suit slenderman doesn't intimidating nor scary in this game his 3D model is not close to what slender would look like he more scary and he should be able to walk inside the building and the main charater speed andstamina should increased anyone would run faster in a scary situation

Pretty neat! Just a few issues:The biggest problem was the fact that slender doesn't walk at all. And when he drops in, it's slightly scary maybe the first time, but once you realize that he's just going to spawn in and stand and stare, it's not scary anymore because you can easily manipulate him. One thing I miss from the original slender games was the fact that he'd be posted up at a distance a lot before you even encountered him, sowing fear into the players before actually hitting people with the real spook.

Wow this has to be the best slender man game so far, for a free game bud it was bloody teriffic, the game ran smooth and the environment and atmosphere was scary as hell.Those jumpscares omgggggggg, great game thank you for making this 10/10

- This has no business being (extracted) 7GB, or a 3GB download, compressing the game assets would be nicer for most people and people who maybe do not have either good storage or good internet connection

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