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Knjiga Proroka Enoha: The Lost Book of the Ancient Prophet

Knjiga Proroka Enoha, or the Book of Enoch, is a "lost book" that was discovered by Scottish explorer James Bruce in 1773 in Abyssinia (today's Ethiopia). It was written in the 2nd or 1st century BCE and was a very influential source for early Jewish and Christian thinkers, as well as for the writers of many New Testament books.

The book is attributed to Enoch, the seventh patriarch, who was said to have been taken up to heaven by God without dying. The book contains various visions and revelations that Enoch received from God and the angels, such as the origin and fate of the fallen angels, the secrets of creation and nature, the history and future of humanity, and the coming of the Messiah.

One of the most interesting parts of the book is the 13 friends declaration, which is a list of 13 righteous men who were chosen by God to be Enoch's companions and witnesses. They were also given special knowledge and gifts by God, such as prophecy, healing, wisdom, and power. The 13 friends declaration is found in chapter 39 of the book, where Enoch says:

"And these are the names of those who are their leaders: Samyaza, who was their leader; Urakiba; Ramiel; Kokabiel; Tamiel; Ramiel; Daniel; Ezekiel; Barakiel; Asael; Armaros; Batriel; Ananel; Zaqiel; Samsiel; Sartael; Turiel; Yomiel; Arazyal. These are their chiefs of tens."

The 13 friends declaration is significant because it shows that Enoch had a close relationship with God and his angels, and that he was entrusted with a special mission to reveal God's secrets to humanity. It also shows that there were other righteous men besides Enoch who were faithful to God and received his blessings. The 13 friends declaration is a testimony of God's grace and mercy to those who seek him.

The Book of Enoch is divided into five main sections: the Book of the Watchers, the Book of Parables, the Book of the Heavenly Luminaries, the Book of Dreams, and the Epistle of Enoch. Each section contains different visions and teachings that Enoch received from God and the angels.

The Book of the Watchers tells the story of how some of the angels, called the Watchers, rebelled against God and came down to earth to mate with human women. They also taught humans various arts and sciences that were forbidden by God, such as magic, astrology, metallurgy, and warfare. As a result, the earth became corrupted and filled with violence and wickedness. God sent Enoch to warn the Watchers of their impending judgment and to intercede for them. However, the Watchers refused to repent and were bound in chains until the day of the great judgment.

The Book of Parables contains three parables that Enoch saw in his visions. The first parable describes the coming of the Son of Man, who is identified as the Messiah and the Lord of Spirits. He will judge the wicked and reward the righteous in the final day. The second parable describes the history and destiny of Israel, from the time of Abraham to the time of the Maccabees. It also predicts the coming of two anointed ones: a priestly anointed one who will restore the temple and a royal anointed one who will defeat Israel's enemies. The third parable describes the fate of the fallen angels and their offspring, called the Nephilim or giants. They will be destroyed by fire and their souls will be tormented forever. ec8f644aee

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