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Dumb Test: Check Your Teammates Cheat Code For Ps3l

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Dumb Test: Check Your Teammates Cheat Code For Ps3l

When you use a character, you will increase their Mastery Level. Doing so will unlock Perks, and these can be applied before each round to give you (and your teammates) some sort of passive buff. It's easy to overlook this, but Perks can make a big difference, reducing damage taken, giving you a third jump, and lots more. Make sure you check out Perks to benefit your character.

Whenever scooter loses all his energy and fis defeated use his special attack move, scooter will run back onto the screen and you will be able to control him again, despite having been killed earlier.Contributed By: whoisthisgit 10 3Alien Syndrome CheatsCodesAdvanced Configuration Menu GGAt the Title Screen, press 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1+2.EffectCodeAdvanced Configuration Menu2(5x), 1(2x), 2(5x), 1, 1+2 at the Title Screen.Contributed By: Mezmorize99 8 0Configuration menu GGOn the title screen, press buttons 1,2,1,2 to access the configuration menu.Contributed By: ReyVGM 8 0Invincibility CPCDuring gameplay, type in the letters Z, K and D to become invincible. The border of the screen will turn a solid orange colour when the cheat is active.To turn off invincibility, simply repeat the key presses, and the orange border will turn off, and enemies once again are able to hurt you.EffectCodeInvincibilityZKDContributed By: jimfish 2 0Level Select NESAt the main screen, press Down and Start on the first controller, And press right simultaneously on the second one. Note that this only works for two player1 controller hold down + 2 controller hold right and press start.Contributed By: Solid_Rambo, Pixel_Reality 7 2SecretsExtra lives ARCOpen a "" container while having exactly 100,000 points. All such containers will award an extra life for as long as you score no additional points.To farm lives, do this for all of the "" containers on a stage, then let the timer expire to repeat it. This works best on stage 4.Contributed By: SprintGod 5 1Steal lives NESIn the two player mode, steal lives from the other player after they die by pressing A and B.Contributed By: silvergolem2 6 1Temporary Invincibility SMSWhen the counter reaches any of the following numbers: 272. 267. 232. 222. 171. 161. 131. 121. collect the question mark boxes that falls from the craft.Contributed By: AndFinrodFell 5 0Wanted Weapon NESWhen playing a two-player game, if you come across a weapon that both of the players want, have them both touch the weapon at the same time. You'll both get it. Contributed By: Baseman 6 0Altered Beast CheatsCodesCodes GENEnter on the title screen:EffectCodeBeast SelectHold A + B + C + Down/Left and then press StartLevel SelectPress B and StartSound TestHold A + C + Up/Right and then press StartContributed By: Sweet_Vengeance, AlaskaFox 55 45Continue ANDAfter receiving a Game Over, hold A and press START at the Title Screen to begin the game at the Level that you received the Game Over in.EffectCodeBegin the game at the Level in which you recieved the Game OverHold A and press START at the Title Screen after reciving a Game OverContributed By: DeepFriedBurger 0 1Hard Game NESAfter the game ends and the credits are over, wait 30 seconds in the "Asmik" logo and press Start to begin a much harder game.Contributed By: ReyVGM 3 1Level select ZODEnter this code at the tile screen then go to the opetions menu and then chose a round then go back to the title and enter the last two parts of the code.EffectCodeplay any levelHold B while you press start then hold A while you press startContributed By: GreenCrow 0 1Level Select, Sound Test, Options etc 3DSAll of these codes must be entered at the title screen.EffectCodeBeast Select - Opens a menu where you can choose which beast you transform too on any levelHold Y, B, A, Down, Left and press XContinue - Starts you off at the beginning of the last stage you played. Also must be used when changing the starting level with the Options code.

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