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Hiroshi Masuda Guitar 15 Alainves


Hiroshi Masuda Guitar 15 alainves: A Masterpiece of Fingerstyle Arrangement

Hiroshi Masuda, also known as peacejoytown, is a Japanese guitarist and composer who specializes in fingerstyle arrangements of popular songs. He has created hundreds of beautiful and intricate arrangements for songs by The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, John Denver, Sting, and many others.

One of his most impressive works is Hiroshi Masuda Guitar 15 alainves, a medley of 15 songs by various artists, including Alain Souchon, VÃronique Sanson, Michel Berger, and Francis Cabrel. The medley lasts for over 20 minutes and showcases Masuda's skill and creativity in blending different melodies and harmonies seamlessly.

In this article, we will explore some of the highlights of Hiroshi Masuda Guitar 15 alainves, and explain why it is a masterpiece of fingerstyle arrangement.

The Songs

Hiroshi Masuda Guitar 15 alainves consists of the following songs:

Alain Souchon - Foule sentimentale

VÃronique Sanson - Amoureuse

Michel Berger - La groupie du pianiste

Francis Cabrel - Je l'aime à mourir

Alain Souchon - L'amour à la machine

VÃronique Sanson - Besoin de personne

Michel Berger - Quelques mots d'amour

Francis Cabrel - Petite Marie

Alain Souchon - Sous les jupes des filles

VÃronique Sanson - Vancouver

Michel Berger - Seras-tu là

Francis Cabrel - L'encre de tes yeux

Alain Souchon - C'est dÃjà Ãa

VÃronique Sanson - Chanson sur ma drÃle de vie

Michel Berger - Le paradis blanc

All of these songs are classics of French pop music, with catchy melodies and poetic lyrics. They cover various themes such as love, nostalgia, loneliness, and hope. Masuda manages to capture the essence and emotion of each song in his arrangement, while also adding his own flair and style.

The Techniques

Hiroshi Masuda Guitar 15 alainves is a showcase of various fingerstyle techniques that Masuda uses to create rich and complex sounds on his guitar. Some of these techniques are:

Alternate tunings: Masuda uses different tunings for different songs, such as DADGAD, CGCGCE, DADF#AD, etc. This allows him to create different chord voicings and open strings that suit the mood and key of each song.

Capo: Masuda uses a capo on different frets to change the pitch and tone of his guitar. This also helps him to transpose the songs to fit his vocal range.

Percussion: Masuda adds percussion elements to his playing by tapping, slapping, or scratching the body or strings of his guitar. This creates rhythmic accents and fills that enhance the groove and dynamics of his arrangement.

Harmonics: Masuda uses natural and artificial harmonics to create high-pitched notes that sparkle and ring over the chords. This adds brightness and contrast to his sound.

Bass lines: Masuda plays bass lines with his thumb on the lower strings while playing chords or melodies with his fingers on the higher strings. This creates a full and balanced sound that mimics a band or an orchestra.

Melody variations: Masuda plays the main melodies of the songs with accuracy and expression, but he also adds variations and embellishments to make them more interesting and personal. He sometimes changes the rhythm, notes, or octave of the melodies to create contrast or surprise.

Transitions: Masuda smoothly transitions from one song to another by using common chords, notes, or motifs that link them together. He sometimes modulates the key or tempo a474f39169

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