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Brave 2 Full Cartoon Movie Download Dailymotion ((INSTALL))


Brave 2: A New Adventure for Merida and Her Friends

Brave 2 is the sequel to the 2012 Pixar animated film Brave, which tells the story of Merida, a princess who defies an ancient tradition and unleashes a curse on her kingdom. In Brave 2, Merida embarks on a new journey with her loyal horse Angus, her mischievous brothers Harris, Hubert and Hamish, and her new friend Fergus, a young bear who was once a human prince. Together, they face new dangers and discover new secrets in the land of Scotland.

Brave 2 is expected to be released in 2023, but fans of the original film can watch it online for free on Dailymotion, a video-sharing platform that hosts millions of videos from various genres and languages. Dailymotion allows users to upload, watch and share videos without any registration or subscription. Users can also create playlists, follow channels and comment on videos.

To watch Brave 2 full cartoon movie on Dailymotion, users can follow these simple steps:

Go to, which is the topic page for Brave (2012 film).

Scroll down and look for the video titled "Brave 2 Official Trailer" or "Brave 2 Full Movie". The video should have a duration of at least 90 minutes and a high-quality resolution.

Click on the video and enjoy watching Brave 2 full cartoon movie on Dailymotion.

Note: Some videos may be removed or blocked due to copyright issues or other reasons. Users are advised to watch Brave 2 full cartoon movie on Dailymotion at their own risk and discretion.

Brave 2 will continue the story of Merida, who has grown into a confident and brave young woman. She has learned to balance her duties as a princess and her passion for adventure. She has also reconciled with her mother, Queen Elinor, who respects her daughter's choices and supports her dreams.

However, Merida's life is about to change when she receives a mysterious invitation from a distant kingdom. There, she meets a charming prince who seems to be her perfect match. But Merida soon realizes that there is more to this kingdom than meets the eye. A dark secret lies beneath its surface, and a powerful enemy is plotting to unleash it.

Merida will have to use all of her skills and courage to face this new threat. Along the way, she will encounter new allies and foes, as well as old friends and enemies. She will also discover more about her own destiny and the magic of the will-o-the-wisps. Will Merida be able to save the day and find her true love Find out in Brave 2, coming soon to Dailymotion.

Brave 2 will feature the return of the original voice cast, including Kelly Macdonald as Merida, Billy Connolly as Fergus, Emma Thompson as Elinor, Julie Walters as The Witch, Robbie Coltrane as Lord Dingwall, Kevin McKidd as Lord MacGuffin and Young MacGuffin, Craig Ferguson as Lord Macintosh, and John Ratzenberger as Gordon. The sequel will also introduce new characters and voice actors, such as James McAvoy as Prince Malcolm, Merida's love interest; Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Morna, Malcolm's mother and the ruler of the distant kingdom; and Benedict Cumberbatch as Lord Mor'du, the main antagonist who has a mysterious connection to the bear curse.

Brave 2 is directed by Mark Andrews, who co-directed the first film with Brenda Chapman. The screenplay is written by Irene Mecchi and Steve Purcell, who also worked on the first film. The original score is composed by Patrick Doyle, who incorporates traditional Scottish music and instruments into the soundtrack. The film is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures.

Brave 2 is expected to be a visual feast for the eyes, as Pixar has improved its animation technology and techniques since the first film. The film will showcase the stunning landscapes and culture of Scotland, as well as the new kingdom that Merida visits. The film will also feature more action and humor, as Merida and her friends encounter new challenges and adventures. Brave 2 will be a heartwarming and

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