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Bettertouchtool 523 For Mac

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BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac: A Powerful Customization Tool for Your Input Devices

If you want to get the most out of your Mac's input devices, such as the trackpad, mouse, keyboard, Touch Bar, and more, you should check out BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac. This app lets you customize and assign various gestures, shortcuts, actions, and triggers to your input devices, giving you more control and efficiency over your workflow.

BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac is the latest version of the popular app that has been around since 2012. It has been updated with new features and improvements, such as:

Support for the Notch Bar on newer MacBook Pros

Integration with Shortcuts for Mac

Improved performance and stability

New input methods, such as MIDI triggers and drawing gestures

More actions and options to choose from

With BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac, you can create your own custom gestures for the trackpad, Magic Mouse, or Magic Trackpad. For example, you can use a three-finger swipe up or down to simulate the Home or End keys, or a four-finger tap to launch an app. You can also assign different gestures to different apps, so you can have different behaviors depending on what you are working on.

You can also customize your keyboard with BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac. You can create key sequences, macros, shortcuts, and modifiers that can trigger various actions. You can also use BTT Remote, a free iOS app that lets you control your Mac remotely with your iPhone or iPad.

If you have a Touch Bar on your Mac, you can use BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac to enhance it with more buttons and widgets. You can add buttons for common tasks, such as adjusting volume or brightness, launching apps, switching tabs, or running scripts. You can also add widgets that display useful information, such as weather, battery status, CPU usage, or calendar events.

BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac is a must-have app for anyone who wants to customize their Mac's input devices and improve their productivity. You can download it from and try it for free for 45 days. After that, you can purchase a license for $9 (2 years of updates) or $21 (lifetime of updates). You can also get it as part of Setapp, a subscription service that gives you access to hundreds of quality apps for Mac.

In this article, we will show you some examples of how you can use BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac to customize your input devices and make your Mac more powerful and fun to use.

How to Customize Your Trackpad with BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac

The trackpad is one of the most versatile input devices on your Mac. You can use it to navigate, scroll, zoom, select, drag, and more. But with BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac, you can add even more functionality and convenience to your trackpad.

To customize your trackpad with BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac, follow these steps:

Launch BetterTouchTool 523 For Mac and click on the Trackpads tab.

Click on the + button to add a new gesture.

Select the gesture type from the dropdown menu. You can choose from various finger taps, swipes, clicks, pinches, rotations, and more.

Select the app or apps that you want the gesture to work with. You can choose All Apps, Finder Only, or Specific Apps.

Select the action or actions that you want the gesture to trigger. You can choose from a wide range of options, such as keyboard shortcuts, menu items, window management, system commands, scripts, and more.

Click on Save to apply your changes.

For example, you can create a gesture that lets you switch between tabs in Safari by swiping left or right with three fingers. To do that, you would select Three Finger Swipe Left/Right as the gesture type, Safari as the app, and Next/Previous Tab as the action.

You can also create a gesture that lets you launch an app by tapping with four fingers. To do that, you would select Four Finger Tap as the gesture type, All Apps as the app, and Open Application / File / Apple Script as the action. Then you would browse and select the app that

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