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Mr. Franklin Gets Milked - Jun 29

Mr. Franklin Gets Milked - Jun 29

Mr. Franklin, a dairy farmer from Wisconsin, had a surprise visit from his favorite celebrity on June 29. The star of the hit show Milking It, Jennifer Lopez, showed up at his farm to learn how to milk a cow.

Mr. Franklin Gets Milked - Jun 29

"I was shocked when I saw her," Mr. Franklin said. "She was so friendly and down-to-earth. She said she wanted to experience the real life of a dairy farmer and see where the milk comes from."

Mr. Franklin gave Lopez a tour of his farm and introduced her to his cows. He then taught her how to use the milking machine and let her try it on one of his cows.

"She was a natural," he said. "She got the hang of it in no time. She even named the cow J-Lo."

Lopez said she enjoyed the experience and thanked Mr. Franklin for his hospitality. She also donated $10,000 to his farm as a gesture of appreciation.

"It was an honor to meet Mr. Franklin and his cows," she said. "They work hard every day to provide us with fresh and nutritious milk. I have a new respect for dairy farmers and their animals."

Mr. Franklin said he was a fan of Lopez and her show Milking It, which follows the adventures of a city girl who inherits a dairy farm from her uncle. He said he was impressed by her acting skills and her singing voice.

"She sang a few songs for me and the cows," he said. "They loved it. They were mooing along with her."

Lopez said she was inspired by Mr. Franklin and his passion for his farm. She said she learned a lot from him and gained a new perspective on life.

"He taught me that milking a cow is not just a job, it's an art," she said. "He also taught me that cows are not just animals, they are friends."

The visit was part of a promotional campaign for the upcoming season of Milking It, which will premiere on July 15. Lopez said she wanted to connect with her fans and show them the real world of dairy farming.

"I hope this will inspire more people to watch the show and support the dairy industry," she said. "Dairy farmers are the heroes of our society. They deserve our respect and gratitude."

Mr. Franklin said he was grateful for the opportunity to meet Lopez and share his story with the world. He said he hoped his farm would attract more visitors and customers after the publicity.

"This was a dream come true for me," he said. "I never thought I would meet a superstar like her. She made me feel special and appreciated. She also made my cows very happy."

The visit also sparked some controversy among some animal rights activists, who criticized Lopez for endorsing the dairy industry and exploiting the cows. They staged a protest outside the farm and held signs that read "Milk is murder" and "Lopez is a cow killer".

Lopez said she respected their opinions but disagreed with their methods. She said she did not harm any cows and that she supported humane and ethical farming practices.

"I love animals and I would never hurt them," she said. "I think dairy farming can be done in a way that respects the cows and the environment. I think Mr. Franklin is a good example of that."

Mr. Franklin said he was not bothered by the protesters and that he welcomed a dialogue with them. He said he was proud of his farm and his cows and that he treated them with care and compassion.

"I don't think they understand what dairy farming is really about," he said. "It's not just about milking cows, it's about nurturing them and giving them a good life. They are not just my livelihood, they are my family." e0e6b7cb5c

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