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James Good
Aug 01, 2022
In Business Forum
As mentioned above, the same product has different groups of people, and these different groups of people also have different active platforms. Therefore, different content needs to choose different publishing platforms in order to obtain better marketing effects. Professional comments are posted on professional industry forums, Q&A content can be posted on Baidu Know, Zhihu, etc. Discussions on a product can be posted on forums, etc ... Choose different publishing platforms according to the target audience and content form to obtain better marketing effects. 4. Maintenance after the customer receives the information There are two specific forms of word-of-mouth marketing: question and answer and comments, which are easy to cause interaction among relevant users. Enterprise marketers need to spread and improve hospital products or information output in the interaction, to capture potential customers while maintaining the popularity of the content , and improve the effect of this word-of-mouth marketing. A company or brand that constantly innovates and seizes the pulse of market consumption will gain the trust of consumers and establish a leadership position. In the initial stage of a company 's listing, it should be recommended by the general public to persuade opinion leaders to buy the product, and at the same time, try to let as many people know about the product as possible. Take the time to use word-of-mouth marketing strategies to motivate early adopters to recommend products to others and persuade others to buy a product or service . Finally, with the increase of satisfied customers, there will be more "information seeders" and "opinion leaders", and the company will gain a good reputation and long-term interests will be guaranteed. Finally, with the increase of satisfied customers, there will be more "information seeders" and "opinion leaders", and the company will gain a good reputation and long-term interests will be guaranteed. Mr. Yu Fei, a famous brand marketing expert and founder of Lange Zhiyang International Marketing Consulting Agency, pointed out that with the development of the economy and the improvement of living standards , people's sensitivity to prices has gradually decreased , while the psychological benefits brought by products or services Latest Mailing Database are It plays an increasingly important role in the consumer decision-making process. Spiritual demand gradually surpasses material demand and becomes the dominant demand of consumers and becomes the development trend of the market economy. Experience marketing aimed at satisfying people's experience demand will play a greater role in the fiercely competitive market. The basic principles of SME operation have changed: 1. The focus of business is shifting from " things " to " people " , 2. The driving force of business is changing from " flow " to " relationship " , 3. The measure of business is changing from " value " to " value " . It is not difficult to see that driven by the consumption upgrade at the current stage, the long-established consumption pattern will be corrected, and a good consumption experience will become the core element of the business model construction. In China's future channel model, there will be a gradual emergence of channel-centered marketing. With the transformation to marketing centered on users' emotional resonance and product brand experience, the trend of consumption customization is becoming more and more obvious . Speaking of business models, Harvard Business School professor Clayton **8226; Christensen believes that a business model is a system for creating and delivering customer value and company value. It consists of four parts: First, what value can you bring to customers? Second, how do you make money after bringing value to customers? Third, what resources and capabilities do you have to achieve the first two points? Fourth, how do you achieve the first two points? Therefore, the business model is an overall and systematic concept, which means that the enterprise highly integrates capital flow, logistics and information flow to form a complete and efficient operation system with unique core competitiveness, which can meet customer needs and realize customer satisfaction through the optimal realization form. A total solution that maximizes value while enabling the system to achieve sustainable profitability goals. In recent years, among the changes in the marketing model, experiential marketing is the marketing model that has received the most attention from the industry. The so-called experiential marketing means that enterprises focus on service and use commodities as materials to create memorable feelings for consumers. Kotler believes that the three motivations that inspire consumers the most are thought, a sense of achievement and self-expression, and experiential marketing, in essence, is to create satisfaction in these three aspects for consumers --- Thought, fulfillment and self-expression. Obviously, a brand that can communicate with consumers and have two-way communication with consumers has far greater influence than a brand that only communicates unilaterally to consumers, because the former not only condenses the efforts of the enterprise itself, but also Incorporating the personal elements of consumers, such a brand is not simply owned by enterprises, but shared and shared by enterprises and consumers. Experiential marketing is different from traditional marketing: traditional marketing mainly focuses on the powerful functions, beautiful appearance and price advantages of products ; experiential marketing starts from life and situation, shapes sensory experience and thinking identity, so as to capture the attention of consumers force, change consumer behavior, and find new survival value and space for products. The psychological factors for the success of experiential marketing mainly come from three aspects. First, the perception of consumers' values ​​and beliefs, because consumers' values ​​and beliefs reflect their concept of life. Second, consumers' interests and feelings, because it can bring additional emotional benefits or value to consumers. Third, the consumer expects the behavior to be manifested in owning the item. To really grasp these three aspects, it is necessary to understand today's consumers, what they want when faced with a product, what they want to be, what they want to do, and so on. But what matters most is what they experience. It contains theoretical issues such as consumption motivation, personality, value orientation, and life concept, as well as practical issues of how to effectively formulate marketing strategies to meet emotional and value consumption. In fact , experiential marketing is a kind of behavior, including that enterprises should take into account from the beginning of product development, design and production to provide consumers with the greatest benefit value in every detail of marketing, such as quality excellence, Personalization of packaging, etc., to make customer experience rise to the height of value, complete products and complete experience can provide complete value. That is to say, now it is not only to provide consumers with preferential prices, not only to provide consumers with products, but also to provide consumers with experience. This experience is not provided by you alone, but you provide the stage and create it together with consumers. This experience creates great memories and creates something more.
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